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  • Emerging Investigators Program

    Greg Zipfel (Wash U), Emad Eskandar (Albert Einstein), Steve Korn (Director Training NINDS) and Jeff Ojemann (U Wash) created the EIP to provide rigorous early career mentoring program to early faculty. Research progress in the first three years after the completion of training is critical for the establishment of an independent research career.

    Experience with the NINDS K12 and K08 mentored research programs through the Neurosurgeon Research Career Development Program (NRCDP) over the past several years revealed that the intense mentoring from seasoned neurosurgeon-scientists was quite effective, even for those applicants who were not awarded a K12. Many of the junior faculty who participated in the annual NRCDP expressed a desire for more targeted mentoring.

    The EIP combines structured research goals and milestones with biannual intense mentoring sessions. Individuals are selected for participation in the EIP by the NRCDP Executive Committee or Department Chair nominations. The junior faculty receive individualized coaching and mentoring on a range of topics related to early their research careers.

    The first meeting of the EIP was held in Palm Springs and was a deemed great success by all involved. 9 emerging investigators met with 10 faculty for multiple individualized sessions. The next session will be held at the AANS in San Diego, where approximately 18 faculty mentors will provide feedback and guidance to 15 mentees.

    For more information about EIP

    Greg Zipfel, MD:

  • Neurosurgeon Research Career Development Program

    The NRCDP aspires to bridge the vulnerable gap for junior faculty between training and an inde- pendent research program. Junior faculty who have a 5 year commitment for 50% protected research effort from their Chair and institution may apply for a K12 award to support their preparation for a K08 or R01 proposal. K12 proposals are due in early October, and participation in the NRCDP retreat in late October is expected. During the retreat applicants receive mentoring about their specific proposal plus advice and support.

    About the NRCDP

    Emad Eskandar, MD, Director:

    Stephen Korn, PhD:

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