• History & Exam 
    - Seventy-year-old male with increasing headaches over the last month 
    - Headaches are positional - worse with standing and improved in recumbent position 
    - Denies trauma, rhinorrhea, otorrhea, or changes in hearing or taste 
    - Past medical history: Diagnosed with questionable pituitary apoplexy within an adenoma ~ 2 year prior 
    - Endocrinologic profile is normal and sellar imaging (adenoma) is stable 
    - Social and family history: noncontributory

    Figure 1. MR-Imaging of brain reveals bilateral subdural hematomas, pachymeningeal enhancement and venous engorgement. A stable pituitary lesion is noted. CT scan reveals a hypodense extra-axial fluid collection, greater on the left side.

    1. In general, after evacuation of chronic subdural hematomas, literature supports that symptomatic recurrences occur in what percentage of patients?

    2. In this specific case, the next step in my management would be:

    3. For patients with chronic subdural hematomas that undergo surgical management, I routinely:

    4. Each of the following conditions have been associated with spontaneous intracranial hypotension except:

    5. Which of the following describes you?

    6. I practice in one of the following locations.

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