• ABNS Liaison
      Nathan R. Selden 2018–current
    ABMS Advisory Council
      Frederick A. Boop 2019–2020
    ABMS Board of Directors
      John Wilson 2019–current
    Washington Committee Liaison
      Robert Harbaugh 2015–current
    World Federation of Neurological Surgeons Delegates
      Anil Nanda 2018–2022
      Sepideh Amin-Hanjani 2014-2022
      Robert Dempsey (alternate) 2018–2020
    American College of Surgeons Governors
      James Ecklund 2018–current
    Organization of Program Director Associations (OPDA)
      Cormac Maher 2018–current
      Greg Zipfel 2018–2020
      Fred Barker 2019–2021
    NeuroPoint Alliance
      Kevin Cockroft 2017–current
    Neurosurgery Quality Council
      Michael Steinmetz 2018–2020

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