• Candidates for membership in the SNS (Active or Honorary) may be nominated by any SNS member. The nominating member becomes the candidate's sponsor.

    Any neurosurgeon in the USA or Canada can be nominated for active membership in the SNS. Prospective Active Members should hold an important or responsible post in neurosurgery carrying with it responsibilities for graduate, undergraduate, or postgraduate teaching in a university or clinic setting. Excellence in the practice and study of surgery of the nervous system should have been demonstrated by prospective members.  It is expected that nominees to the "Senior Society" will be senior Members of the neurosurgical community with extensive experience in neurosurgical education and teaching.

    Prospective candidates from any country in the world can be nominated for honorary membership in the SNS, provided that they have shown unusual and outstanding talent and accomplishment in their work either in neurosurgery itself or in fields closely allied to neurosurgery.

    1. The nomination process is initiated by clicking on "Click here to proceed with nomination process" at the bottom of this page. COMING SOON.
    2. You are taken to the SNS' Nomination page. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click on "Sponsor a New SNS Member".
    3. The sponsoring member will be able to add a nominee by searching for their name in the search box provided.
    4. The sponsor should then upload a nominating (sponsoring) letter for the candidate to the Membership Committee Chair.
    5. Next, the sponsor should request additional letters of support from two other SNS members in good standing. These letters should be sent directly to the sponsor for uploading to the candidate's file.
    6. IMPORTANT: After uploading the initial nominating letter, the sponsor should click the "Notify Nominee by Email" link provided at the bottom of the page. This will generate an email to the nominee requesting that they log in to the SNS membership site to complete the additional information necessary for the consideration of their nomination. Specifically, the nominee will be asked to complete a Nominee Information Form, as well as submit a current Curriculum Vitae and passport style photograph.  

    It is the responsibility of the sponsor to ensure that the nominee's file is complete in time for review by the Membership Committee.

    Once completed, the nominee's file will be reviewed by the Membership Committee. After review and rank ordering by the Membership Committee, candidates for membership will be presented by the Membership Committee Chair to the SNS Executive Council at its December meeting. The SNS Council will select a slate of candidates to be presented by the Membership Committee Chair at the next annual meeting. Candidates selected by the council can be elected by three-quarters affirmative vote of members present at the annual meeting.  The SNS does not allow discrimination on the basis of Race, Color, Religion, National Origin, Gender, Age, Disability, Marital Status, Veteran Status, or Sexual Orientation.

    Once a complete application for membership in the SNS is submitted, it will be reviewed by the Membership Committee for up to three consecutive years. If a candidate has not been selected for membership within that time period (three years), the application will become inactive. At that point, the candidate will not be considered further, unless a new application process is initiated by a sponsoring member.

    Nomination Deadline

    All documentation including letters, updated CVs and photos must be submitted no later than 10/1/2020 in order to be considered for full membership vote in the 2021 annual meeting.

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