• 22-year-old woman from South American country with progressive swelling of left forehead with headaches
    • PMH/PSH: amputation of left arm 4 years ago
    • Meds: none
    • No smoking, no alcohol use, and no drugs
    • Exam: left forehead mass, neurologically intact except for left arm amputee

    Figure 1.

    Figure 2.

    Figure 3.

    1. What is the most likely diagnosis?

    2. What would you do for the workup?

    3. What would be your initial treatment?

    4. Which of the following describes you?

    I practice in one of the following locations:

    6. Please add any suggestions or comments regarding this case:

    • I treated same case. Pathologic disgnosis was introsseos meningioma
    • Seeing as she already has pulmonary mets, neoadjuvant chemo is also a valid answer, though I think doxorubicin and methotrexate are more commonly used than ifosfamide and etoposide.
    • nice case
    • more options should have been given for further work up. the reason/diagnosis for the amputation of the arm should have been mentioned in the history
    • To Moderators: Please tell us answer for 1. & what u did for 2. & 3. These cases are great, but without Expert feedback, we aren't learning as much.
    • I would like to remove the entire lesion and do cranioplasty. Once I know the biopsy, I will do the rest of the treatment
    • One of the bening tumors that comport like invasive without be malignat is hemangiopericytoma, including bone and skull, but without dura. Specifically I had operate in one, in two times first retirating in block the lesion and after that craneoplasty.

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