• For decades, surgeons have depended on Self-Assessment Neurosurgery Exams, an exclusive CNS product designed to enhance medical knowledge and self-assessment in neurosurgery, reinforce practice patterns, and recognize knowledge gaps to help neurosurgeons prepare for standardized examinations.

    SANS Lifelong Learning Exams have been available through the CNS for over 30 years! Our traditional SANS exams offer around 250 questions across specialties worth up to 24 CME. The CNS is now making it easier for learners to delve into important concepts within neurosurgical specialties by offering new subspecialty-focused SANS modules designed to explore medical knowledge in a more in-depth, comprehensive curriculum based format worth up to 10 CME. The SANS Committee partners with other CNS committees and organizations to develop specialty SANS exams to cover topics including indications, neuromodulation, and course topics from our Annual Meeting.

    SANS for Resident Programs help residency programs across the US by offering critical support in customizing residents learning curriculum and primary exam preparation.

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