• H&P

    • 21yo F presented with sudden onset of R eye ptosis
    • No PMH, PSurgHx or meds
    • Neurologic testing reveals partial R CN III palsy and otherwise the patient is neurologically intact

    Figure 1.

    Figure 2.

    1. Which of the following items is highest on your differential diagnosis based on imaging and clinical history provided?

    2. What initial treatment would you offer?

    3. What is true of both chordomas and chondrosarcomas of the skull base?

    4. Which of the following describes you?

    5. I practice in one of the following locations:

    6. Please add any suggestions or comments regrading this case:

    • At her age only complete ressection would cure her.
    • I would like to make a tac scanner, to see better the bone
    • Thank yow. Alberto Delitala
    • Very interesting case.
    • I am a neurologist
    • Interesting case; We've treated a similar case inside the interpeduncular fossa in a 12-yr-old through a supraorbital, endoscope-assisted approach with total removal of the lesion.
    • suprasellar germinoma was another posibility , it was not here .
    • None
    • We could remove the tumor through a peritoneal craniotomy and tumor resection. With the present day endoscopic skull base instrumentation, it would be a preferred approach.
    • thanks

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