• Residents can view hundreds of live webinars and on-demand products—SANS products, Written Board and Oral Board preparation products, archived webinars, course recordings, and more—in the CNS Online Catalog. Many are free with special resident code 2020Res at checkout.

    SANS Products

    Residents can purchase individual SANS products, including:

    • SANS Written Board Module: Residents can access all seven SANS Modules—a total of 700 questions—to help them prepare for the Written Board examination. Or, they can purchase each separately:
      • SANS: Functional Module for Residents
      • SANS: Pain and Peripheral Nerve Module for Residents
      • SANS: Pediatric Module for Residents
      • SANS: Spine Module for Residents
      • SANS: Trauma and Neurocritical Care Module for Residents
      • SANS: Tumor Module for Residents
      • SANS: Vascular Module for Residents
    • SANS Boards App: This CNS app provides a convenient resource to prepare your residents for the ABNS Primary Examination. It contains critical information covered on the exam and is comprised of 200 questions from the following categories: neurology, neurosurgery, neuroanatomy, neurobiology, neuropathology, neuroradiology, and critical care. Accessible via iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.
    • SANS: Competencies for Residents: Residents will learn about the medicolegal ramifications of landmark federal regulations that impact the profession of neurosurgery, current non-clinical core competency scenarios, and the latest practice management and socioeconomic developments that affect the profession of neurosurgery.
    • SANS: General for Residents: This product allows resident to assess the latest guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of various disorders of spine, trauma, vasculature, and tumors; evaluate medical knowledge across the various neurosurgical subspecialties, such as spine, tumor, trauma, critical care, pediatrics, cerebrovascular, epilepsy, radiosurgery, functional disorders, and medicolegal issues; and recognize the latest evidence in the treatment of various neurosurgical disorders across subspecialties.
    • SANS: Indications for Residents: Through this product, residents will be able to comprehend indications of common neurosurgical procedures; identify, prioritize, and apply the correct diagnostic test; and discuss decision making in common neurosurgical cases.

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