• The purpose of this meeting is to promote and disseminate neuroscience and its application in neurosurgical practice. To this end, the meeting gathers leading academic neurosurgeons and provides an open forum for the presentation, discussion, and analysis of innovative basic science and clinical research in neurological and neurosurgical diseases.  The Meeting is “Abstract-driven”.  We expect to receive 80-100 abstracts of which approximately half will be selected for oral presentations. Abstract selection will be competitive. The scientific program committee reviews the submissions in a blinded manner to ensure objectivity. Priority will be given to scientific research that is novel, advances the sciences, and is educational for the participants. Each scientific session will be formatted to allow sufficient time for a question and answer period to provide an opportunity to explore the presented subject matter. Due to the large number of oral presentations, we expect the meeting to be highly interactive and full of scientific and clinical advances presented by the “thought-leaders” of our specialty. There will also be on the average two invited non-neurosurgeon guests speakers who are internationally recognized experts on contemporary neuroscience topics.

    In addition to the selected abstracts submitted by members and guests, the neurosurgical resident award and runner up selections will be presented and discussed. It should be noted that department chairman and program directors consider the resident award highly prestigious.  Therefore, these resident awardees are guests of the Academy. 

    This meeting will thus be highly focused on scientific interchange. We expect to provide participants with insights and perspectives on the current and future state of neurosurgery with emphasis on anticipated advances capable of changing the scientific direction and the clinical practice of our discipline.

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