• Begin gathering information about job availabilities near the end of PGY3 to early PGY4. Keep job specifics organized in a template or spreadsheet for easy comparison.

    Neurosurgery Job Resources

    Physician Job Database Resources

    • Online resources, i.e., PracticeMatch, CareerMD
    • Representatives may call or page you and request information
    • You can post a profile, CV and job preferences online
    • Use with caution, it is not always clear to whom or where this information is disseminated

    Online Professional Networks

    • LinkedIn
    • Be sure to keep your information and network up-to-date

    Inquiring about a position

    • This can be in response to a posting or as a “cold call” to an institution or clinic to see if they are anticipating any openings in the upcoming 6–12 months.
    • Institutions/clinics may not publically advertise or recruit for a position because this also expends resources, thus it is worth contacting practices you are interested in even if no position is advertised.
    • The appropriate contact person is usually an HR representative, physician recruiter, practice manager or Neurosurgery department administrator
    • You can reasonably express interest in a position about 12–14 months in advance of your estimated graduation/training completion

    National Neurological Surgery Society Meetings

    Another setting to meet and network with the Neurological Surgery community in your area

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