• A critical component of residency training that helps prepare residents for the primary examination, available for Residency programs to purchase. The CNS offers two types of products for institutional licenses: 

    • Self-Assessment in Neurological Surgery (SANS): Particularly helpful for residents working toward full certification, our extensive bank of peer-reviewed questions offers a comprehensive review of clinical applications across neurosurgical specialties, as well as several non-clinical core competencies. In addition:
      • With a residency program license, you'll receive reporting that provides visibility into individual performance (strengths/deficiencies) and program performance compared to national averages, allowing you to provide one-to-one feedback, guidance, and assistance to better position residents for success.
      • Coupled with the SANS Written Boards Module Bundle, the Residency program license becomes the single most comprehensive study resource and exam preparation tool available for the primary certification exam. 
    • Quality Science Curriculum (QSC)This online tool helps residents understand the importance and value of nonclinical ACGME milestones. QSC is a simple, turn-key training solution your program can implement today to address ACGME milestones in 5 non-clinical domains, via 10 narrated presentations with companion pre- and post-test question assessments. 

    Ordering SANS Institutional License Products

    Order SANS Institutional License Products and logging in to your CNS account.

    Don’t have an account? Create a free nonmember account here.

    After you submit payment and your license is set up, you can access your SANS institutional license reports by:

    • Logging into your account at www.cns.org.
    • Clicking My Learning in the upper left corner under Welcome and your name.
    • To the far right of the CNS logo, clicking the Admin tab.
    • To the far right of your Institution's name, clicking Edit.
    • Clicking the Products tab.
    • In the drop-down that says Nonmember, selecting Member.
    • Clicking Search to access your current products.
    • If you click the Reports tab, you can generate different survey results and status reports about your residents' exams and their progress.

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