• Grossman Lecturers are chosen by the SNS President, in consultation with the Annual Meeting Program Committee Chair, and approved by the SNS Executive Council. Grossman Lecturers are non-neurosurgeons who exemplify creativity and high achievement in neuroscience and allied fields.

    2012   Frans de Waal, PhD: Empathy in Primates
    2013   Margaret Livingstone, PhD: What Art Tells Us about the Brain
    2014   Allan Basbaum, PhD: Dorsal Horn Cell Transplant
    2015   Marc Diamond, MD: Prion Biology of the Tau Protein––Implications for Common Neurodegenerative Disease
    2016   Olaf Sporns, PhD: Human Connectomics--New Tools and Approaches for Mapping the Brain
    2017   Henry Marsh, CBE, FRCS: Do No Harm
    2018   Howard Fields, MD, PhD: Brain Circuits for Opioid Analgesia and Reward
    2019   Leland H. Hartwell, PhD: Experiencing Science Fred Hutchinson Canier Research Center

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