• Our officers and executive committee are dedicated to advancing neurosurgery globally.

    Steven N. Kalkanis President 2019–2020
    Brian L. Hoh President-Elect 2019–2020
    Nicholas C. Bambakidis Vice President 2019–2020
    Elad I. Levy Secretary 2018–2021
    Praveen V. Mummaneni Treasurer 2017–2020
    Ganesh Rao Past President 2019–2020
    Maryam Rahman Member-at-Large 2019–2021
    Robert Whitmore Member-at-Large 2019–2021
    Lissa C. Baird Member-at-Large 2019–2021
    Maya A. Babu Member-at-Large 2018–2020
    Garni Barkhoudarian Member-at-Large 2018–2020
    Lola B. Chambless Member-at-Large 2018–2020
    Ashok R. Asthagiri Ex-Officio 2019–2020
    Mohamad Bydon Ex-Officio 2019–2020
    Alex A. Khalessi Ex-Officio 2019–2020
    Brian V. Nahed Ex-Officio 2019–2020
    Akash J. Patel Ex-Officio 2019–2020
    Nader Pouratian Ex-Officio 2019–2020
    Clemens M. Schirmer Ex-Officio 2019–2020
    Martina Stippler Ex-Officio 2019–2020
    Ellen L. Air Ex-Officio 2019–2020
    Jennifer A. Sweet Ex-Officio 2019–2020
    Daniel J. Hoh Ex-Officio 2019–2020
    Regina Shupak CEO  

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