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    Elmer E. Schultz

    1951, St. Louis

    Elmer C. Schultz, "Dutch" as he was known to his many friends, was born and raised in Michigan. He received his medical degree from the University of Michigan, and took part of his neurosurgical training at the Henry Ford Hospital. During World War II, he served in a neurosurgical unit stationed in England. Dr. Glen Spurling was the neurosurgical consultant and frequently called the neurosurgeons serving in England to conferences in London. Dr. Schultz developed his expertise with peripheral nerves during this time. After World War II, Dr. Schultz completed his training at the University of Virginia under Dr. Gayle Crutchfield. After completing his training, he remained at the University of Virginia for 1 year as an instructor. In 1948 Dr. Schultz was invited to join Drs. Semmes and Murphey in Memphis and was a productive member of the Semmes-Murphey Clinic until his untimely death in 1967 at the age of 55. He had acquired a peculiar type of arthritis with fibrosis of his lungs. Dr. Schultz was a founding member of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons and served as its first president when this young organization met in Memphis in 1951. Dr. Schultz and his wife, Marge, had one son and three daughters. One of his daughters graduated from nursing school and performed her duties in an excellent manner at the Baptist Memorial Hospital where her father carried out his neurosurgical practice. Dr. Schultz took up flying late in his career, and felt the happiest when he was carrying out a neurosurgical procedure or flying his plane.

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