• Editor-in-Chief Job Description

    The deadline to apply is June 23, 2020.

    Position Summary

    The Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of the NEUROSURGERY® Publications sets the editorial direction and is responsible for implementing the editorial policies of the three journals of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS). The NEUROSURGERY® Publications portfolio includes Neurosurgery, Operative Neurosurgery, and Neurosurgery Open. The EIC is expected to have a broad knowledge of neurosurgery, be skilled in the arts of writing, editing, critical assessment, negotiation, and diplomacy, and possess a clearly articulated vision for the journals.

    The EIC reports to the CNS Executive Committee. The EIC will be expected to uphold the CNS and professional Code of Ethics pertaining to biomedical publications. The EIC will have editorial freedom with authority over, but not limited to, board appointments, content solicitation and decisions, the peer review process, and issue lineups. In collaboration with the Executive Committee the EIC will develop and update the journals’ aims and scope to uphold and enhance the portfolio’s editorial quality, relevance, online engagement, and bibliometrics. The EIC will represent the journal at relevant forums as its prime ambassador.

    The EIC and the CNS Officers will establish and agree upon defined metrics, benchmarks and a schedule for reporting.


    The EIC is responsible for structuring and overseeing the performance of the Editorial Boards of the three journals. It is expected that the EIC will cultivate diverse and global Editorial Boards which will include Associate Editors and Section Editors in leadership roles. The EIC is ultimately responsible for setting the journals’ standards for manuscript acceptance, while establishing an infrastructure to ensure rapid and fair peer-review across the portfolio of journals.

    The EIC has responsibility for all publication decisions and will maintain oversight of the submission and review of manuscripts published in Neurosurgery, Operative Neurosurgery, and Neurosurgery Open.  With the input of the Editorial Boards, the EIC will develop a pool of reviewers representing the broad scope of the specialty. Additionally, the EIC will serve as an arbiter between authors, reviewers, and editors.  The EIC will be committed to equity and inclusion in all aspects of the publications process.

    Specifically, the EIC is responsible for:

    • Recruiting, selecting, appointing, and/or releasing Editorial Board members,
    • Coordinating the peer-review process,
    • Establishing, communicating, and implementing policies for:
      • Submission of manuscripts.,
      • Peer review,
      • Solicitation and selection of themed issues and supplements within contracted page allotments, and
      • Conflicts of interest and scientific conduct.
    • Attracting submissions from authors representing the diversity of CNS membership and the global neurosurgery community,
    • Soliciting and interacting with Guest Editors of special content including but not limited to supplements and review series,
    • Delivering an adequate and timely inventory of high-quality manuscripts to complete issues according to the required schedules,
    • Maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of the peer-review process,
    • Corresponding with authors, editors, reviewers, readers, and the publisher regarding peer review and journal activities,
    • Providing the Publisher and CNS Executive Committee with reports on the journal's activities, including key publishing statistics, notable editorial activities, significant publishing events on an agreed schedule and presenting a report at the scheduled CNS Executive Committee meetings,
    • Presiding at the annual Journal Strategic Planning Meeting, Editorial Board Meetings, and Editorial Board Reception,
    • Reviewing and approving the journal's yearly budget, as proposed by the Director of Publications for approval of the CNS, and
    • Traveling to conferences as a representative of NEUROSURGERY® Publications.

    The NEUROSURGERY® Publications and the EIC will be supported by a virtual editorial office, managed by the CNS Director of Publications and the CNS HQ. The editorial office is responsible for managing all administrative aspects of the journals. The Director of Publications manages the relationship with the publisher, supervises the editorial staff, and serves as a key resource for the EIC, including appropriate training on editorial systems, providing requested reports, discussing ideas for innovation, and responding to requests for procedural changes and enhancements.

    Qualifications and Required Skills

    The EIC will be a dynamic, collaborative, innovative and visionary leader in publishing to take the NEUROSURGERY® Publications into the future. The EIC will be a member of CNS, an active researcher, and a recognized expert in neurosurgery, with high scholarly standards and a broad knowledge of the field. The EIC of the NEUROSURGERY® Publications must:

    • Have a background that reflects high standards in research and publication,
    • Be in a position to attract respected experts to serve on the Editorial Board,
    • Possess significant editorial experience with a scholarly journal and an understanding of the online editorial process,
    • Be fair and trustworthy while possessing the ability to make difficult decisions,
    • Be conversant in evolving business models and relevant technological advances in publishing,
    • Have a willingness to explore innovations in publishing and the use of social media and technology tools as a means of enhancing journal usage and author interest, and
    • Demonstrate strong leadership, organizational and communication skills, with a focus on service and positive author experiences.

    CNS expects that the EIC will perform the editorial obligations in a manner consistent with the highest standards of professionalism, competence, integrity, and ethics, and not engage in any conduct that may bring harm or disrepute upon CNS or the journals.


    The EIC will serve for an initial term of 5-years, assuming full responsibility as EIC of the NEUROSURGERY® Publications on September 1, 2022. 

    The EIC will be compensated by CNS commensurate with the responsibilities of the position and the editorial structure of the journals. This is not a full-time position and the EIC is not an employee of CNS.  Interested candidates should submit an application package for consideration by the NEUROSURGERY® Publications EIC Search Committee that includes:

    • A current curriculum vitae
    • A letter of interest that summarizes the candidate’s qualifications, including relevant journal experience
    • A vision statement describing the applicant’s goals for the NEUROSURGERY® Publications

    Application materials should be submitted to eicsearch@cns.org by June 23, 2020 -. CNS will acknowledge and confirm receipt of all applications. Please send any questions about the position or the search process to eicsearch@cns.org . A CNS representative will respond to your inquiries. All application materials and questions about this search will be kept confidential. No phone calls and no recruiters, please.

    Additionally, beginning January 1, 2022, there will be a transition period of approximately eight months when the incoming EIC will work alongside the current EIC who will be responsible for issues published through April 2022. The current and incoming EICs will serve as Editor-in-Chief and Editor-in-Chief Elect respectively for the May through August 2022 issues.

    At the discretion of the CNS Executive Committee, the EIC contract may be renewed for an additional 5-year term. The EIC will ensure the seamless transition of editorial responsibilities for the NEUROSURGERY® Publications at the end of his/her term.

    About NEUROSURGERY® Publications

    The NEUROSURGERY® Publications are official publications of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS) contributing to the Society’s mission to enhance health and improve lives through the advancement of neurosurgery education and scientific exchange. Neurosurgery, Operative Neurosurgery, and Neurosurgery Open support CNS’ efforts to provide leadership in neurosurgery by inspiring and facilitating scientific discovery and its translation into clinical practice.   

    Neurosurgery, the official journal of the CNS, publishes top research on clinical and experimental neurosurgery covering the latest developments in science, technology, and medicine. Publishing monthly, with an Impact Factor of 4.605, ranked 11th of 203 Surgery Journals in the 2018 Journal Citation Reports, Neurosurgery is the top ranked neurosurgery journal. The proceedings including abstracts of the CNS annual meeting publish as a supplement to Neurosurgery. Also publishing monthly, Operative Neurosurgery features content that addresses operative procedures, anatomy, instrumentation, devices, and technology providing practical guidance to its readers. Operative Neurosurgery is the resource for cutting-edge material on operative practice. Neurosurgery Open is an online only fully open access journal. The new journal provides an outlet for the publication of scientific papers dealing with clinical and experimental neurosurgery, particularly of interest to authors whose funding requirements mandate publication in a fully open access journal under a Creative Commons license. The journals are currently published in partnership with Oxford University Press. For more information on the NEUROSURGERY® Publications, visit: https://www.cns.org/publications/neurosurgery-publications-overview.


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