• Dr. Agbi

    “The CNS through the Foundation has been the main driving force for the Education and enculturation of young Neurosurgeons worldwide and thereby structuring the future of Neurosurgery. Supporting this effort is the least any of us can do, and I am proud to be part of it! ”
    Charles B Agbi, MB,BS, FRCSEd(SN), FRCSC, FACS
    CNS Foundation donor since 2014
    “CNS Foundation represents the primary source of funding for the creation and publication of clinical practice Guidelines in Neurosurgery. As current Chair of the AANS-CNS Joint Section on Disorders of the Spine and Peripheral Nerves, I feel that it is critical to have funding to support clinical practice guidelines for spinal disorders. CNS Foundation provides necessary support for guidelines development.”
    Zoher Ghogawala, MD, FACS
    CNS Foundation Captain

    Dr. Ghogawala

    Dr. Mummaneni

    “A large reason I support the CNS Foundation is because of its New CNS Guidelines initiative. The upcoming “Guidelines for Perioperative Spine Care” was supported by a generous $300,000 grant from the AANS-CNS Spine Section as well as individual donations to the CNS Foundation. The CNS Foundation supports groundbreaking guidelines work on dilemmas such as “the osteoporotic spine” which affect our every day practice. ”
    Praveen V. Mummaneni, M.D.
    CNS Foundation Board member
    CNS Treasurer
    CNS Foundation donor since 2017
    “Philanthropy in neurosurgery is critical to our collaborations and our successes. The CNS Foundation has made great efforts to supporting research and education so our patients can have a brighter future!”
    Michael Y Wang, MD FACS
    CNS Foundation Captain

    Dr. Wang

    Dr. Hoh

    “I support the CNS Foundation because I believe in its missions which happen to be personally significant to me: guidelines, NIH-sponsored mentored surgeon-scientist training programs, and global philanthropy. ”
    Brian L. Hoh, MD, MBA, FAHA
    CNS Vice President
    CNS Foundation donor since 2013
    “As a recipient of a research opportunity early in my career, I believe supporting the CNS Foundation’s collaboration with the NIH and the FNIH to fund the NINS/CNSF Getch K12 Scholar Award is one of the best ways for me to contribute to the advancement of neurosurgery.”
    John A. Lopez, MD
    CNS Foundation Patron, donor since 2013

    Dr. Lopez

    Dr. Nahed

    “The CNS Foundation is committed to advancing the care of patients with neurosurgical disease at a national and international level – I’m honored to serve the board in this incredible mission. ”
    Brian V. Nahed, MD, MSc
    CNS Foundation Board member
    CNS Foundation Patron, donor since 2016
    “The CNS Foundation is one of the first philanthropic efforts of organized neurosurgery. It is essential that we share our neurosurgical know how with countries and people in need. Please support this effort. Make a difference! ”
    Martina Stippler, MD
    CNS Foundation Board member
    CNS Foundation Captain

    Dr. Stippler

    Dr. Levy

    “The mission of the CNS Foundation aims to reduce barriers to exceptional education and care. We hope you are inspired to join our team at the foundation through your volunteerism or contributions.”
    Elad I. Levy, MD MBA FACS FAHA
    CNS Secretary
    CNS Foundation Captain

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