• A 74yo Right Handed Man With Headaches, Word Finding Difficulty, and Personality Changes

    This is a 74 year old right handed male with no history of cancer who presented following a seizures plus a 3 week history of intermittent headaches, and personality changes. One evening he came home after drinking 2 glasses of wine at a work event and remembers feeling off. He was found by his wife on the patio unresponsive but breathing.
    Past medical history: hyperlipidemia
    Relevant medications: finasteride, famotidine, simvastatin

    Cranial nerves II-XII are intact
    DTRs- 2+ upper extremities, 3+ lower extremities
    Strength- 5/5 upper extremities
    5/5 bilateral lower extremities
    Slight right pronator drift
    Gait- normal
    Speech- able to name 4/5 objects without hesitation and self corrects, 4 syllable repetition is intact, responsive naming is slow but correct in 3/3 trials.

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