• 2018-2019 Committees

    Executive Committee

    President: Antonio (Nino) Chiocca
    President–Elect: Sean Grady
    Past President: Daniel Barrow
    Vice President: Mark Johnson
    Secretary: James Markert
    Treasurer: Douglas Kondziolka
    Historian: Fred Barker
    Member-at Large: Richard Ellenbogen

    Nominating Committee

    Daniel Barrow, Chair
    E. Antonio (Nino) Chiocca
    Sean Grady

    Auditing Committee

    Bernard Bendok, Chair
    Cargille Alleyne
    John Sampson

    Membership Advisory Committee

    William Couldwell, Chair
    Daniel L. Barrow
    E. Antonio (Nino) Chiocca
    Sean Grady
    Fred Lang
    Rose Du

    Subcommittee on Corresponding Membership

    Jacques Morcos, Chair
    Michael Lawton
    Bill Couldwell

    Program Committee

    Michael Mc Dermott, Chair
    Aviva Abosch
    Sepi Amin-Hanjani
    Alexandra Golby

    Academy Award Committee

    Nate Selden, Chair
    Linda Liau
    Chris Shaffrey

    Communications and Round Robin Committee and Quarterly Newsletter

    Shenandoah Robinson (Hopkins)

    Research Advisory

    Russell Lonser, Chair
    John Sampson
    Robert Gross

    WFNS Delegates

    Jacques Morcos
    Chris Loftus

    Local Arrangements

    Alex Olivi

    AANS Joint Sponsorship Education Representative

    Mike McDermott

    Future Sites

    Sander Connolly
    Bob Carter
    John Golfinos


    Bob Carter
    Nino Chiocca
    Jim Markert

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