• Annual Meeting

    This committee develops the scientific content, social programs, and other components of the Annual Meeting

    Alex A. Khalessi  Chair
    Nader Pouratian  Member
    Brian V. Nahed  Member


    The awards committee advises the executive committee of any member whose activities and service to the CNS and neurosurgery are singularly outstanding and sufficient to warrant special recognition at the Annual Meeting.

    Ashwini D. Sharan Chair
    Alan M. Scarrow Member
    Russell R. Lonser Member


    This committee meets regularly to assess the relevance of our bylaws, and ensure that they are aligned with the needs of the CNS and the field of neurosurgery.

    Mohamad Bydon Chair

    Clinical Neurosurgery Editor

    This editor oversees the publication of Clinical Neurosurgery, which contains the proceedings from the CNS Annual Meeting.

    Krystal Lynne Tomei Editor

    CNS Quarterly Editorial Board

    This committee oversees our news magazine, CNS Quarterly. This includes vetting articles, selecting layout, and choosing writers for publication.

    Martina Stippler Chair
    Ron. L. Alterman Member
    Erica Bisson Member
    Nicholas M. Boulis Member
    Rimal Dossani Member
    Emad Eskandar Member
    Gerald A. Grant Member
    Sanjeet Grewal  Member
    Kunal Gupta Member
    James S. Harrop Member
    Todd Charles Hollon Member
    Jeremy Hosein Member 
    Michael Lawton Member
    John Pollina Member
    Stephen Reintjes Member
    Andrew Ringer Member
    Tyler Schmidt Member
    Edward Smith Member
    Rafael Vega Member

    Education Division

    They provide that our education programs and servicesmaintain the highest level of quality and benefit for our members. They review all CNS educational activities, including the Annual Meeting, resident education, as well as online and live products for MOC, and board preparation. They provide oversight for the continuing medical education accreditation process, and make recommendations regarding the scope and content of educational activities. The Education Division Chair serves a three-year term.

    Nicholas Bambakidis Education Division Chair/Live Course Working Group – Skull Base Fellows Course/Nexus Editorial Board Chair/Portal Working Group
    Ashok Asthagiri Education Division Chair
    Garni Barkhoudarian Education Division Vice Chair/SANS Advisor/Live Course Working Group – Written Boards Course/Minimally Invasive Cranial Surgery Course
    Maya A. Babu Neurosurgery Survival Guide
    Mohamad Bydon Online Learning Chair
    Lola Chambless Live Course Working Group – Leadership Course 1/2
    Costas Hadjipanayis Live Course Working Group – Oral Boards Course/Portal Working Group
    Mark Hadley Live Course Working Group – Transitions Course
    David Hersh Resident Committee Representative
    Joaquin Hidalgo Resident Committee Representative
    Daniel Hoh SANS Chair/Live Course Working Group – Spine Complications Course
    Adam Kanter Live Course Working Group – Spine Complications Course
    Benjamin Kennedy Resident Committee Representative
    Alexander Khalessi Live Course Working Group – Minimally Invasive Cranial Surgery Course
    Louis Kim Portal Working Group
    Katie Krause Resident Committee Representative
    John Kuo NeuroWatch Working Group Leader
    Jay McCracken Resident Committee Representative
    Michael McDermott Live Course Working Group – Written Boards Course
    Adrienne Moraff Resident Committee Representative
    Praveen Mummaneni Live Course Working Group – Spine Complications Course
    Brian Nahed Live Course Working Group – Leadership Course 1/2
    Peter Nakaji Nexus Editorial Board Chair
    Akash Patel SANS Managing Editor
    Maryam Rahman Nexus Editorial Board Managing Editor/Case of the Month Working Group Leader/Portal Working Group
    Brandon Root Resident Committee Representative
    Robert Spinner Live Course Working Group – Oral Boards Course
    Robert Starke NeuroWatch Working Group Leader
    Jennifer Sweet Live Course Working Group – Leadership Course 1/2


    This committee manages and oversees the finances of the CNS.

    Praveen V. Mummaneni  Chair
    Steven N. Kalkanis Member 
    Ganesh Rao Member
    Elad I. Levy Member
    Ashwini D. Sharan Member


    This committee sustains the accuracy, timeliness, and overall high quality of our neurosurgical guidelines.

    Brian L. Hoh, MD Co-chair
    Nader Pouratian, MD, PhD Co-chair
    Jennifer Sweet, MD Vice Chair
    Steven Kalkanis, MD Senior Advisor
    Babu Welch, MD Member
    Clement Hamani, MD, PhD Member
    David Bauer, MD Member
    Sanjay Dhall, MD Member
    John O'Toole, MD, MS Member
    Jeffrey Olson, MD Member
    Patricia Raksin, MD Member
    Regina Shupak, CMP, MATD Staff, CEO
    Trish Rehring, MPH, CHES Staff, Guidelines Senior Manager
    Mary Bodach, MLIS Staff, Guidelines Specialist

    Historian and Archives

    They are committed to the preservation of our history, including knowledge of past CNS activities and the field of neurosurgery overall.

    Christopher E. Wolfla  Chair

    International Division

    They are focused on addressing the specific and diverse needs of our international members.

    Clemens M. Schirmer  Co-chair
    Dan J. Hoh Co-chair

    Joint Coding and Reimbursement

    They are committed to working with the CNS to pass long-term solutions to avert ongoing payment cuts and identify common sense approaches for reforming the Medicare program. They are active in reviewing CPT codes and advocates the appropriate valuation of neurosurgical services.

    Read about this topic and the committee's recent activities.


    Joseph S. Cheng Chair
    G. Edward Vates Vice Chair RUC
    Henry H. Woo Vice Chair CPT
    Luis M. Tumialan Vice Chair Coverage
    Jeffery W. Cozzens Committee Member
    Rimal H. Dossani Washington Committee-AMA Fellow
    Steven M. Falowski Pain Section
    Isabelle M. Germano Guidelines 
    Lance S. Governale Pediatric Section
    R. Patrick Jacob Committee Member
    Alexander M. Mason Committee Member
    Scott A. Meyer  Spine Section
    Brian V. Nahed Tumor Section
    David O. Okonkwo Trauma Section
    Gregory J. Przybylski Committee Member
    Craig H. Rabb Trauma Section
    John K. Ratliff Committee Member
    Daniel Refai CRC Rep to AANS/CNS PR Committee
    Stephen Reintjes Committee Member
    Curtis J. Rozzelle NCCI Reviwer 
    Charles A. Sansur Past Vice-Chair Coverage
    Clemens M. Schirmer Committee Member
    Jason P. Sheehan Stereotactic and Functional Sections
    Scott D. Simon Cerebrovascular Section
    Andrew E. Sloan Tumor Section
    Karin R. Swartz Spine Section 
    Jennifer A. Sweet Pain Section 
    Babu G. Welch Cerebrovascular Section 
    Brett E. Youngermen Washington Committee-AMA Fellow


    Ann R. Stroink AANS/CNS Washington Committee

    Staff Liaison

    Catherine Jeakle Hill Washington Office

    Joint Drugs and Devices

    They are actively engaged with the FDA, and other scientific, government, clinical, and industry representatives to provide neurosurgical expertise in the development of drugs, devices, and biologics used for patient care.

    Read about this topic and the committee's recent activities.

    Committee Members

    Robert F. Heary Chair
    William C. Welch Vice Chair
    Nitin Agarwal Committee Member
    Paul M. Arnold Truama Section 
    Aviva Abosch Stereotactic and Functional Section
    Frederick G. Barker II Tumor Section
    Maya A. Babu Council of State Neurosurgical Societies
    Mohamad Bydon Committee Member
    Fernando G. Diaz Past Vice-Chair
    Rimal H. Dossani Washington Committee-AMA Fellow
    Richard G. Fessler Past Chair 
    Yakov Gologorsky Spine Section 
    Brian L. Hoh CV Section 
    Peter E. Konrad Stereotactic and Functional Section
    Christopher M. Loftus Committee Member
    Geoffrey T. Manley Trauma Section
    Jeffery P. Mullin CSNS Resident Fellow
    Howard Riina CV Section
    Shenandoah N. Robinson Pediatric Section
    Joshua M. Rosenow Pain Section
    Charles A. Sansur Spine Section
    Jennifer A. Sweet Pain Section 
    Jeffrey S. Weinberg, MD Tumor Section
    Lydna S. Yang Committee Member 
    Brett E. Youngerman Washington Committee-AMA Fellow 


    Ann R. Stroink AANS/CNS Washington Committee 

    Staff Liasons

    Cathy Hill Washington Office

    Joint Guidelines Review Committee

    Agreement to Comply with the CNS/AANS JGRC Conflict of Interest and Governance Policy

    CNS/AANS Joint Guidelines Review Committee Conflict of Interest Policy

    Joint Guidelines Review Committee Governance

    Committee Members

    Sepideh Amin-Hanjani, Chair (CV Section)  
    Steve Kalkanis, Co-Vice Chair (CNS Appointee/Tumor Section)  
    John O’Toole, Co-Vice Chair (Spine Section)  
    Patricia B. Raksin, MD, Vice-chair  
    Kevin Cockroft, Immediate Past Chair (CV Section)  
    Cerebrovascular Section
    Arun Amar  
    Mark Baid  
    Kimon Bekelis  
    Ketan Bulsara  
    Grahame Gould  
    Christoph Griessenauer  
    Michael Huang  
    Aman Patel   
    Stavropoula Tjoumakaris  
    Chad Washington  
    Babu Welch  
    Coding and Reimbursement Committee  
    Isabelle Germano  
    Council of State Neurosurgical Societies (CSNS)  
    J. Adair Prall  
    Curtis Rozzelle   
    Justin Singer  
    Krystal Tomei  
    Pain Section   
    Jason Schwalb  
    Jennifer Sweet  
    Ashwin Viswanathan  
    Pediatric Section  
    David Bauer  
    Ann Marie Flannery  
    Cathy Mazzola  
    Demetrios Nikas   
    Mandeep Tamber  
    Rachana Tyagi  
    Spine Section   
    John Chi  
    Yi Lu  
    Paul Park   
    Khoi Than  
    Cheerag Upadhyaya  
    Peripheral Nerve Taskforce   
    Aaron Filler  
    Line Jacques  
    Mark Mahan  
    Sharona Ben-Haim  
    Jorge Gonzalez-Martinez  
    Clement Hamani  
    Trauma Section   
    Paul Arnold   
    Steve Casha   
    Greg Hawryluk   
    Adair Prall   
    Martina Stippler   
    Tumor Section  
    Christopher Farrell  
    Brian Nahed  
    Jeff Olson   
    D. Ryan Ormond  
    Brian Ragel  
    Brian Nahed  
    Jason Sheehan  
    Jonathan Sherman   
    Jamie Van Gompel  
    Young Neurosurgeons  
    Faiz Ahmad  
    Andrew Carlson  
    Douglas Hardesty  
    Miscellaneous Appointments  
    Ann R. Stroink, Chair, AANS/CNS Washington Committee (ex-officio)  
    Beverly Walters, consultant (ex-officio)  
    David Seder, Neurocritical Care Society   
    Trish Rehring, CNS Guideline Committee staff liaison  

    Joint Committee of Military Neurosurgeons

    This committee focuses on the unique needs of our members who serve in the military.

    U.S. Army

    Michael Rosner  U.S. Army
    Patrick Cooper U.S. Army
    Laurence Davidson U.S. Army
    Michael Dirks U.S. Army
    Fred Stephens U.S. Army

    U.S. Navy

    Jeffrey Tomlin U.S. Navy
    Mario Cardoso U.S. Navy
    Randy Bell  U.S. Navy
    Michael Cirivello U.S. Navy
    Albert J. Schuette U.S. Navy
    John Gilhooly U.S. Navy
    Shawn Belverud, (DO) U.S. Navy
    Arnett Klugh U.S. Navy
    William  Yarde  U.S. Navy
    John Engler U.S. Navy
    James Campbell, (DO) U.S. Navy
    Mason Andrews  U.S. Navy
    Cindy Piccirilli U.S. Navy
    Chris Neal U.S. Navy
    Steve Cobery U.S. Navy
    Diana Wiseman U.S. Navy
    Meryl Severson U.S. Navy
    Lisa Mulligan U.S. Navy

    U.S. Air Force

    John Steele U.S. Air Force
    CJ Burg U.S. Air Force
    Todd Eads U.S. Air Force
    Jonathan Forbes U.S. Air Force
    Ernest Braxton U.S. Air Force
    Joseph Hobbs U.S. Air Force
    Sven Hochheimer U.S. Air Force
    Brian Hood U.S. Air Force
    Chris Koebbe U.S. Air Force
    Mark Krautheim U.S. Air Force
    Randall McCafferty U.S. Air Force
    Scott Phillips U.S. Air Force

    The following are who will have a military obligation:

    FTOS Residents on AD (ARMY)

    Eric Hintz  Army Resident
    Daniel Klinger  Army Resident
    Rory Petteys  Army Resident
    Ryan Brennan  Army Resident
    Kristopher Hooten  Army Resident
    Ryan Morton  Army Resident
    Abraham Sabersky  Army Resident
    Bradley Stephens  Army Resident
    Kelvin Wilson  Army Resident
    Bradley Dengler  Army Resident
    Amilyn Taplin  Army Resident
    Shane Hawksworth  Army Resident
    Robert Buckley  Army Resident
    Ian McDougall  Army Resident
    Brian Sindelar  Army Resident
    Ross Puffer  Army Resident
    Brian Corliss Army Resident
    Stephen Melnyk  Army Resident
    William Carlton  Army Resident
    Dewey Thoms  Army Resident

    NAVY Residents on FTOS:

    Angela Viers Navy Resident
    Jonathon Cooke Navy Resident

    NCC Residents at Walter Reed:

    Corey Mossop (Army) NCC Resident
    George Rymarczuk (Army) NCC Resident
    Dan Coughlin (Army) NCC Resident
    Spinelli, Joe (Navy) NCC Resident
    Scott Wallace (Navy) NCC Resident
    Curry, Brian (Navy) NCC Resident
    Charles Miller (Army) NCC Resident

    Joint Washington Committee for Neurological Surgery

    This committee develops and promotes organized neurosurgery’s positions on issues affecting the specialty. Through advocacy, policy development, and public relations, the committee and the Washington office work vigorously to defend and protect the ability of neurosurgeons to practice medicine freely, and to help ensure the continued advancement of neurological surgery.

    This work is critical, as organized neurosurgery continues to be at the forefront of health policy debates, and constantly make it clear to policymakers in the nation’s capital that we are dedicated to advancing neurological surgery andpromoting the highest quality of patient care.

    Visit the Legislative Affairs section for information on the committee's current efforts.

    Committee Members

    Ann R. Stroink Chair
    Nicholas C. Bambakidis CNS Appointee
    Ganesh Rao CNS Appointee


    Ganesh Rao CNS 
    Ashwini D. Sharan  CNS
    Shelly D. Timmons AANS
    Alex V. Valadka  AANS


    Anthony L. Asher NeuroPoint Alliance/N2QOD
    Maya A. Babu American Medical Association
    Deborah L. Benzil Communications and Public Relations Committee
    Kenneth S. Blumenfeld American Medical Association
    Mary Cloninger NERVES
    Rimal H. Dossani Washington Committee-AMA Fellow
    Sarah J. Gaskill Pediatric Section
    Bharat Guthikonda ACS/AANS Health Policy Scholar 
    Sepideh Amin-Hanjani Joint Guidelines Committee
    Robert E. Harbaugh Society of Neurological Surgeons
    Robert F. Heary Drugs and Devices Committee
    Steven N. Kalkanis Joint Guidelines Committee
    Frederic B. Meyer ABNS 
    Scott A. Meyer Spine Section 
    Brian Nahed Tumor Section 
    John E. O'Toole Joint Guidelines Committee
    Paul L. Penar Quality Improvement Workgroup
    Patricia B. Raksin Joint Guidelines Committee 
    Joshua M. Rosenow CSNS
    Jeffery M. Sorenson Neurosurgery Quality Council 
    Mark A. Spatola NeurosurgeryPAC
    John K. Ratliff Quality Improvement Workgroup
    Khoi Than AANS Young Neurosurgeons Committee
    Luis M. Tumialan Coding and Reimbursement Committee 
    G. Edward Vates Coding and Reimbursement Committee
    William C. Welch ACS; Drugs and Devices Committee 
    Christopher J. Winfree Pain Section
    Stacey C. Wolfe Trauma Section 
    Henry H. Woo CV Section; Coding and Reimbursement Committee
    Brett E. Youngerman Washington Committee-AMA Fellow

    Staff Liaison

    Katie O. Orrico Director, Washington Office


    This committee is focused on maintaining our current membership while recruiting the next generation of neurological surgeons.

    Martina Stippler Chair


    This committee is charged with nominating officers for the executive committee.

    Alan Scarrow Chair
    E. Sander Connolly, Jr. Member
    Sepideh Amin-Hanjani Member
    Zoher Ghogawala Member
    Gerald Grant Member
    Douglas Kondziolka Member
    Ashwini Sharan Member

    Professional Conduct

    This committee ensures that our members maintain the highest level of professional conduct.

    Ashwini D. Sharan  Chair
    Antonio E. Chiocca Member
    Zoher Ghogawala Member
    Gerald A. Grant Member
    Nathan R. Selden Member


    The committee focuses on the needs of our resident members and preparing them for their chosen careers.

    Lola B. Chambless Chair
    Maya A. Babu Vice-chair
    Aditya Iyer Member
    Adrienne Moraff Member
    Akshitkumar Mistry Member
    Ananth Vellimana Member
    Andrew Kobets Member
    Benjamin Kennedy Member
    Brandon Root Member
    C. Rory Goodwin Member
    Candice Carpenter Member
    Christian Hoelscher Member
    Christopher Alvarez-Breckenridge Member
    David Dornbos III Member
    David Hersh Member
    Domenico Gattozzi Member
    Elizabeth Le Member
    Farhan Mirza Member
    Fernando Alonso Member
    Gabriel Smith Member
    George Hanna Member
    Giyarpuram Prashant Member
    Jacky Yeung Member
    James Wright Member
    Jay McCracken Member
    Jeremy Hosein Member
    Jonathan Nakhla Member
    Joseph Spinelli Member
    Karthik Madhavan Member
    Kartik Kesavabhotla Member
    Katie Krause Member
    Kimberly Hamilton Member
    Krishanthan Vigneswaran Member
    Kumar Vasudevan Member
    Kunal Gupta Member
    Laila Mohammad Member
    Linton Evans Member
    Luis Savastano Member
    Matthew Decker Member
    Najib El Tecle Member
    Nitesh Patel Member
    Pratik Rohatgi Member
    Rafael Vega Member
    Rimal Dossani Member
    Sanjay Konakondla Member
    Sanjeet Grewal Member
    Stephen Reintjes Member
    Thomas Noh Member
    Tomas Garzon-Muvdi Member
    Tristan Stani Member
    Tyler Schmidt Member
    Yasser Jeelani Member

    SANS Lifelong Learning

    The SANS Committee is dedicated to generating peer reviewed questions that contribute to our outstanding Self-Assessment Neurosurgery (SANS) Exams. They aid in fulfilling MOC requirements and are rigorous assessment tools to help you grow and evaluate your subspecialty knowledge. On average 1070 exams are accessed every year. 

    Chair Dan J. Hoh
    Vice Chair Martina Stippler
    Past Chair Nader Pouratian
    Managing Editor Jennifer Sweet
    Managing Editor Akash J. Patel
    Advisory Board Sameer Sheth
    Advisory Board Chris Winfree
    Advisory Board Dan Curry
    Advisory Board Zachary Litvack
    Advisory Board Charles Sansur
    Advisory Board Odette Harris
    Advisory Board Nader Sanai
    Advisory Board Samy Youssef
    Advisory Board Ashok Asthagiri
    Editorial Board Amgad Hanna
    Editorial Board Sarah Jernigan
    Editorial Board Clemens Scheirmer
    Editorial Board Ajit Krishnaney
    Editorial Board Peter Kan
    Editorial Board  Kristin Huntoon
    Member Analiz Rodriguez
    Member Gary Simonds
    Member Lance Governale
    Member Jason Blatt
    Member Kimberly Foster
    Member Tim Vogel
    Member Benjamin Kennedy
    Member John Caridi
    Member John Hamilton
    Member Mark Iguchi
    Member Chris Maulucci
    Member Bryan Lee
    Member Kevin Walsh
    Member Noojan Kazemi
    Member Alia Hdeib
    Member Wael Asaad
    Member Ausaf Bari
    Member Dario Englot
    Member Robert McGovern
    Member Charles Mikell
    Member Doris Wang
    Member Jason Schwalb
    Member Ellen Air
    Member Jonathan Miller
    Member Darrin Lee
    Member Fahad Alkherayf
    Member Maya A. Babu
    Member Tanvir Choudhri
    Member Dan Lu
    Member Eve Tsai
    Member Jeff Wilson
    Member Vik Prabhu
    Member Chetan Bettegowda
    Member Clarke Chen
    Member Galvin Dunn
    Member Shawn Hervey-Jumper
    Member Dan Orringer
    Member Jonathan Sherman
    Member Ilya Läufer
    Member Maryam Rahman
    Member Arun Amar
    Member Kenneth Liu
    Member Adam Polifka
    Member Robert Starke
    Member Parham Yashar
    Member Ben Waldau
    Member Bill Rosenberg
    Member Brian Nahed

    Scientific Program

    This committee oversees the development of the Annual Meeting scientific program.

    Nader Pouratian  Scientific Program Chair
    Alex A. Khalessi Annual Meeting Chair
    Brian V. Nahed Vice-Scientific Program Chair
    Ganesh Rao  President

    Strategic Planning

    This committee develops the strategies and milestones to guide the CNS in executing its mission.

    Steven N. Kalkanis Chair
    Nicholas C. Bambakidis Member
    Brian Hoh Member
    Alex A. Khalessi Member
    Elad I. Levy Member
    Praveen V. Mummaneni Member
    Ganesh Rao Member
    Ashwini D. Sharan Member

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