• As of 9/1/2019, The ABNS will assume daily operational duties for the CAST Accreditation Fellowship programs pathway. The CAST committee will continue to make the decision regarding program accreditation with NESAC providing advice specific to program applications for Neuroendovascular surgery fellowship programs

    CAST offers accreditation of fellowship programs in the following subspecialties:

    Neurocritical Care

    Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery

    Neuroendovascular Surgery

    Spinal Neurosurgery

    Neurosurgical Oncology

    Pediatric Fellowship Accreditation by ACPNF and CAST

    Peripheral Nerve Neurosurgery

    Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery

    NeuroEndovascular Surgery Advisory Council (NESAC) is the committee responsible for reviewing and advising CAST on neuroendovascular surgery fellowship program applications. NESAC is made up of physicians who practice in the areas of neurology, radiology and neurosurgery. NESAC committee members are:

    • Dr. Adam Arthur, Neurosurgeon
    • Dr. Colin Derdeyn, Radiologist
    • Dr. Johanna Fifi, Neurologist
    • Dr. Brian Hoh, Neurosurgeon
    • Dr. Tudor Jovin, Neurologist
    • Dr. Elad Levy, Neurosurgeon
    • Dr. Italo Linfante, Neurologist
    • Dr. Phil Meyers, Radiologist, NESAC Chair
    • Dr. Howard Riina, Neurosurgeon
    • Dr. Adnan, Siddiqui, Neurosurgeon
    • Dr. Quil Turk, Radiologist
    • Dr. Osama Zaidat, Neurologist
    • Dr. Lee Pride, Radiologist

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