FRIDAY, MAY 19 — All

    4:00 pm–6:00pm Registration

    SATURDAY, MAY 20 — Executive Council Members Only

    7:30 am–1:00 pm Executive Council Meeting

    SATURDAY, MAY 20 — All

    8:00 am–5:00pm Registration


    Moderator: Jason P. Sheehan, MD
    9:00–9:20 am Neurosurgical Portal: Overview
    – Warren R. Selman, MD; Nicholas C. Bambakidis, MD
    9:20–9:40 am Neurosurgical Portal: Nuts and Bolts
    – Warren R. Selman, MD; Nicholas C. Bambakidis, MD
    9:40–10:00 am Neurosurgical Portal: Q&A
    – Warren R. Selman, MD and Nicholas C. Bambakidis, MD
    10:00–10:15 am RRC Update (New Common Program Requirements)
    – Pamela L. Derstine, PhD, MHPE
    10:15–10:30 am RRC: Q&A
    – Pamela L. Derstine, PhD, MHPE
    10:30–10:45 am Break
    10:45–11:00 am Medical Student Committee Update
    – Daniel L. Barrow, MD
    11:00–Noon The Match Process: Panel Discussion
    Moderator: Jason P. Sheehan, MD
    Residents’ Perspectives
    11:00–11:07 am Pre-Residency Mentorship
    – Pre-Residency Mentorship
    11:07–11:14 am The Interview Process
    - Amanda V. Jensen, MD (PGY 2, Methodist University)
    11:14–11:21 am The Selection of a Program and the Match Process
    – Christopher Conner, MD (PGY 2; University of Texas Houston)
    The PD’s Perspective
    11:21–11:35 am Neurosurgery Match in the Era of Millennials and Letters of Reference
    – L. Dade Lunsford, MD
    11:35–11:45 am Applicant Characteristics
    – Deborah L. Benzil, MD
    11:45–Noon Panel
    Noon–1:00 pm Breakout Lunches
    Resident Scholarship
    – E. Antonio Chiocca, MD, PhD;
    Robert M. Friedlander, MD;
    Aviva Abosch, MD, PhD
    Moderator: Griffith R. Harsh IV, MD
    – John G. Golfinos, MD; Steven N. Kalkanis, MD;
    Zoher A. Ghogawala, MD Moderator: Raj K. Narayan, MD

    (Open to Program Directors or one designate from each program only)

    1:00–4:30 pm Joint SNS-ACGME Educational Leaders Seminar: Effective Assessment Strategies for Resident Success and Program Improvement
    Moderators: Stanley J. Hamstra, PhD, and Nathan R. Selden, MD, PhD

    Learning Objectives:
    At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

    • Describe effective assessment processes and principles of effective tool development/use
    • Engage in effective CCC processes to guide valid assessment decisions
    • Use Milestones data to improve their residency program
    • Describe the next stages in development of the Milestones


    1. Setting the Context for Milestones: Making the Right Decisions About your Residents
    2. What is Good Assessment? From OSATS to OSCORE
    3. Principles of Effective Faculty Development
    4. Making the Most of Your CCC Meetings
    5. Translating Assessment Observations to Milestones
    6. The Potential of Milestones Data for Program Improvement
    7. Future Directions: Research and Milestones 2.0
    4:30–5:30 pm SNS Committee Meetings MD
    6:30–8:30 pm Opening Reception: Four Seasons Pool Deck
    (Attire: Dressy Casual)

    SUNDAY, MAY 21

    7:00 am–5:00 pm Registration


    7:30 am–1:00 pm Executive Council Meeting

    The University of Texas at Houston Host Program

    8:00–8:15 am Introduction & Welcome to Houston
    – Giuseppe N. Colasurdo, MD, President, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
    8:15–9:15 am History of the Texas Medical Center and the Neuroscience Program at UT/Memorial Hermann
    – Dong H. Kim, MD
    9:15–9:45 am Innovations in the Education Programs at UTH
    – Arthur L. Day, MD
    9:45–10:00 am Break
    10:00–10:20 am Innovations in Spine Surgery and Robotics Program
    – Daniel H. Kim, MD
    10:20–10:40 am Innovations in Epilepsy Program
    – Nitin Tandon, MD
    10:40–11:00 am Innovations in Pediatric Brain Tumor Treatment
    – David Sandberg, MD
    11:00–11:30 am The Cerebrovascular Program: A System-wide Approach
    – Arthur L. Day, MD
    11:30–Noon Innovations in the Financial Structure and Hospital Relationships
    – Dong H. Kim, MD
    Noon–1:00 pm Lunch


    The Art Of Leadership

    Moderator: Karin M. Muraszko, MD
    1:00–1:05 pm Introduction of Keynote Speaker
    – Dong H. Kim, MD
    1:05–1:55pm Keynote Address: The Sky is Not the Limit
    – Captain Mark E. Kelly, Retired U.S. Navy Captain & NASA Astronaut
    1:55–2:00 pm Q&A
    2:00–2:40 pm Professional Coaching: Enhancing Leadership: Panel Discussion
    Moderator: David M. Frim, MD, PhD
    2:05–2:15 pm Departmental Executive Coaching
    – Harry R. van Loveren, MD
    2:15–2:25 pm Institutional Leadership Development
    – Nicholas C. Bambakidis, MD
    2:25–2:40 pm Panel
    2:40–2:45 pm Neurosurgery Medical Student Teaching Award
    – Presented by Daniel L. Barrow, MD, and Alan R. Cohen, MD
    2:45–2:50 pm Distinguished Service Award – Ralph G. Dacey, Jr., MD
    – Presented by Alan R. Cohen, MD
    2:50–3:10 pm Break
    3:10–4:10 pm Collaborative Healthcare: Centers, Institutes, and Beyond: Panel Discussion
    Moderator: Fady T. Charbel, MD
    3:10–3:20 pm The Value of Integrated Specialty Care
    – Mark L. Rosenblum, MD
    3:20–3:30 pm Neurosurgical Leadership in Healthcare
    – L. Nelson Hopkins, MD
    3:30–3:40 pm Enhancing Philanthropy
    – Henry Brem, MD
    3:40–4:10 pm Panel
    4:10–4:15 pm Winn Award Lecture
    – Lecturer TBD
    7:00–10:00 pm Reception & Dinner at The Grove
    (Attire: Cowboy Casual—Creative Western Wear)

    MONDAY, MAY 22

    6:30–7:30 am Members Only Breakfast & Business Meeting
    6:30–7:30 am Non-Member Breakfast
    7:00 am–5:00 pm Registration


    The Art of Training

    Moderator: Sepideh Amin-Hanjani, MD
    8:00–8:15 am Phases of an Academic Neurosurgical Career
    – Ralph G. Dacey, Jr., MD
    8:15–8:50 am Re-inventing Your Career: Panel Discussion
    Moderator: Howard A. Riina, MD
    8:15–8:23 am

    Neurosurgeon as Executive Leader
    – Fredric B. Meyer, MD

    8:23–8:31 am Mid-Career Retraining
    – B. Gregory Thompson, Jr., MD
    8:31–8:39 am The Neurosurgeon in Industry
    – R. Loch MacDonald, MD, PhD
    8:39–8:50 am Panel
    8:50–8:55 am Introduction of Keynote Speaker
    –Kim J. Burchiel, MD
    8:55–9:30 am Keynote Address: Let Me Heal: The History of GME and Residency Training
    – Kenneth M. Ludmerer, MD, Professor in Medicine and Professor in History and Mabel Dorn Reeder Distinguished Professor of the History of Medicine, Washington University in St. Louis
    9:30–9:45 am Break
    9:45–10:00 am Update from NIH/NINDS
    – Walter J. Koroshetz, MD
    10:00–11:00 am Research Training Across the Spectrum: Panel Discussion
    Moderator: Russell R. Lonser, MD
    10:00–10:15 am Overview—NIH Perspective
    Moderator: Russell R. Lonser, MD
    10:15–10:25 am R25 Program
    – Daniel Yoshor, MD
    10:25–10:35 am K12 Program
    – Emad N. Eskandar, MD
    10:35–10:45 am K08/K23 and Beyond
    – Gregory J. Zipfel, MD
    10:45–11:00 am Panel
    11:00–11:10 am Introduction of Alan R. Cohen, MD, SNS President
    – Fredric B. Meyer, MD
    11:10–11:55 am Presidential Address: The Art of Neurosurgery
    – Alan R. Cohen, MD
    11:55–Noon Presentation of the Presidential Gavel
    – Alan R. Cohen, MD, to Nicholas M. Barbaro, MD
    Noon–1:00 pm Lunch


    The Art of Resilience/Well-Being

    Moderator: Judy Huang, MD
    1:00–1:15 pm Historical Vignette: Donald O. Quest, MD
    1:15–1:20 pm Introduction of Keynote Speaker
    – Gary R. Simonds, MD
    1:20–1:50 pm Keynote Address: Burnout and Resilience
    – Wayne M. Sotile, PhD, Founder, Center for Physician Resilience, Davidson, NC
    1:50–2:05 pm Q&A
    Moderator: Thomas Origitano, MD
    2:05–2:35 pm Resident Selection and Retention: Panel Discussion
    – Richard P. Schlenk, MD;
    David D. Limbrick, MD, PhD;
    Matthew A. Hunt, MD
    2:35–2:50 pm Panel
    2:50–3:05 pm Break
    3:05–3:40 pm Resident Wellness and Burnout: Two Sides of the Coin: Panel Discussion
    Moderator: Joel D. MacDonald, MD
    3:05–3:15 pm Burnout Survey
    – Renee Reynolds, MD
    3:15–3:25 pm Wellness Program
    – John C. Wellons, MD
    3:25–3:40 pm Panel
    3:40–3:50 pm ACGME Perspective on Well-Being
    – Stanley J. Hamstra, PhD
    3:50–4:00pm National Academy of Medicine Wellness Initiative
    – Robert E. Harbaugh, MD
    4:00–4:05 pm Introduction of Grossman Award and Lecture –
    – Alan R. Cohen, MD
    4:05–4:50 pm Grossman Award Lecture: Do No Harm
    – Henry Marsh, CBE, FRCS, Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon (Retired), Atkinson Morley Wing, St. George’s Hospital, London, England
    4:50–5:00 pm Q&A
    4:50–5:00 pm

    "Denim & Diamonds" Dinner/Dance at Four Seasons Ballroom
    (Attire: Black Tie Optional)



    Tues 700 Shelly Timmons.pptx

    6:30–8:00 am
    Breakfast Session
    Richard W. Byrne, MD
    6:30–6:40 am
    Resident Course Update
    – Gregory J. Zipfel, MD
    6:40–6:50 am
    RUNN Course Update
    – Allan H. Freidman, MD
    6:50–7:00 am
    ABNS Update
    – Richard G. Ellenbogen, MD
    7:00–7:10 am
    Washington Committee Update
    – Shelly D. Timmons, MD, PhD
    7:10–7:20 am
    CAST Update
    – Arthur L. Day, MD
    The Art of Communication/Governance
    Moderator: Anil Nanda, MD
    8:15–8:30 am Communication With and on Behalf of Patients
    – Javad Hekmatpanah, MD
    8:30–8:35 am Introduction of Keynote Speaker
    – Anil Nanda, MD
    8:35–9:05 am Keynote Address: Managing the Risks of Concurrent Surgeries
    – Michelle M. Mello, JD, PhD, Professor of Law, Stanford Law School, Professor of Health Research and Policy, Stanford University School of Medicine
    9:05–9:40 am Viewpoint: Concurrent Surgery: Necessary or Harmful? Panel Discussion
    – Michael M. Haglund, MD, PhD;
    Peter Nakaji, MD;
    Matthew G. Ewend, MD;
    Reid C. Thompson, MD
    9:40–10:00 am Panel
    – Michelle M. Mello, JD, PhD; Michael M. Haglund, MD, PhD; Peter Nakaji, MD; Matthew G. Ewend, MD; Reid C. Thompson, MD
    10:00 am Adjourn
    10:00–noon Executive Council Meeting


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