Saturday, May 17, 2014

    NAS, CLER and the Milestones
    Moderator: Alan R. Cohen, MD

    9:00-9:30am Neurosurgery RRC Update H. Hunt Betjer, MD
    9:30-10:00am Accreditation Update Pamela L. Derstine, PhD
    10:00-10:30am Clinical Learning Environment Review: Implications for Neurosurgery Robin Wagner, RN, MHSA
    10:30-10:45am Break  
    10:45-11:10am Milestone Pilot Group and Adoption Update Nathan R. Selden, MD, PhD
    11:10-11:35am Using the Matrix Curriculum Timothy B. Mapstone, MD
    11:35-12:00pm Residency Interview Redesign Daniel L. Barrow, MD

    Saturday, May 17, 2014

    PM - Elective Rotations/CAST
    Moderator: M. Sean Grady, MD

    1:00-2:00pm CAST Update Artur L. Day, MD
    2:00-2:30pm CAST Q&A Artur L. Day, MD
    2:30-2:45pm Break  
    2:45-3:00pm Pathways for "Elective time" Neurosurgery Residency L. Dade Lunsford, MD
    3:00-3:20pm The Role of Outcomes Science in Residency Education Matthew J. McGirt, MD
    3:20-3:40pm Outcomes Science: Fundamentals and Approaches Robert E. Harbaugh, MD
    3:40-4:00pm Away Rotations: Necessity vs. Luxury Nicholas M. Barbaro, MD

    Sunday, May 18, 2014

    Session 1 — Sunday Morning – Mayo Host Program
    Moderator: Fredric B. Meyer, MD

    8:00-8:15am Welcome Fredric B. Meyer, MD
    8:15-9:00am History and Culture of the Mayo Clinic Kerry D. Olsen, MD
    9:00-9:15am The Discovery of Steroids Richard Weinshilboum, MD
    9:15-9:30am Department of Neurology Overview Robert D. Brown, Jr., MD, Chair
    9:30-10:15am Department of Neurologic Surgery Overview Fredric B. Meyer, MD, Chair
    10:15-10:30am Break  
    10:30-10:45am Skull Base Program Michael J. Link, MD
    10:45-11:00am Epilepsy Program W. Richard Marsh, MD
    11:00-11:15am Endovascular Program: The Role of Diversion Technologies Giuseppe Lanzino, MD
    11:15-11:30am Building a Brachial Plexus Clinic Robert J. Spinner, MD
    11:30-11:45am Intradural Spinal Surgery William E. Krauss, MD
    11:45-12:00pm Emerging Technologies in Deep Brain Stimulation Kendall H. Lee, MD, PhD

    Sunday, May 18, 2014

    Session 2 — Sunday Afternoon – Research Training and Strategic Planning
    Moderator: Gregory J. Zipfel, MD

    1:00-1:05pm Introduction of Jill Bolte Taylor, PhD Robert M. Friedlander, MD, MA
    1:05-1:45pm Keynote Address: My Stroke of Insight Jill Bolte Taylor, PhD
    1:45-2:00pm Strategic Research Update Robert M. Friedlander, MD, MA
    2:00-2:20pm NINDS Update Story C. Landis, PhD
    2:20-2:25pm Announcement of Winn Award and Lecture Ralph C. Dacey, Jr., MD
    2:25-3:20pm Winn Award Lecture: Neurosurgery Research: Creativity, Adaptability and Survival Matthew A. Howard, III, MD
    3:20-3:35pm Break  
    3:35-3:55pm SNS Strategic Plan Ralph G. Dacey, Jr. MD
    3:55-4:15pm The Future of Individualized Medicine Konstantinos N. Lazaridis, MD
    4:15-4:20pm Introduction of Grossman Award Lecture Kim J. Burchiel, MD
    4:20-5:15pm Grossman Lecture: Dorsal Horn Cell Transplant Allan Basbaum, PhD

    Monday, May 19, 2014

    Session 3 — Monday Morning – Resident Workforce/Preparing Our Residents and Junior Faculty
    Moderator: Anil Nanda, MD

    8:00-8:05am Introduction of Atul Grover, MD, PhD Anil Nanda, MD
    8:05-8:45am Keynote Address: Resident Workforce Atul Grover, MD, PhD, Chief Public Policy Officer, AAMC
    8:45-9:00am Neurosurgical Workforce Alex B. Valadka, MD
    9:00-9:30am Ten Years after the institution of the 80 work hour restriction. What have we learned? What has changed? H. Hunt Batjer, MD and Fredric B. Meyer, MD
    9:30-10:00am Open Forum: Future of Neurosurgical training and workforce Atul Grover, MD, PhD, Alex B. Valadka, MD, H. Hunt Batjer, MD, Fredric B. Meyer, MD
    10:00-10:15am Break  
    10:15-10:25am Use of simulators in neurosurgery Bernard R. Bendok, MD
    10:25-10:40am Faculty career development: Outcomes & quality Paul C. McCormick, MD, MPH
    10:40-10:55am Supporting Faculty through Transition from K to R Awards Robert J. Dempsey, MD
    10:55-11:00am Distinguished Service Award to Robert J. Dempsey, MD Introduced by Allan H. Friedman, MD
    11:00-11:05am Introduction of Kim J. Burchiel, MD SNS President by Nicholas M. Barbaro, MD
    11:05-12:00pm Presidential Address: Janus Kim J. Burchiel, MD

    Monday, May 19, 2014

    Session 4 — Monday Afternoon – Financial Realities and Challenges for Neurosurgery and Medicine in General
    Moderator: Ian Pollack

    1:00-1:15pm Historical Vignette Donald O. Quest, MD
    1:15-1:45pm Surviving and Excelling during Health Care Reform John H. Noseworthy, MD, CEO, Mayo Clinic
    1:45-1:50pm Introduction of Michael Porter Robert M. Friedlander, MD, MA
    1:50-2:30pm Keynote Address: Value Based Healthcare Delivery: The Strategy that will fix Healthcare Michael Porter, PhD
    2:30-3:00pm Open Forum: Economic future of healthcare John H. Noseworthy, MD and Michael Porter, PhD
    3:00-3:15pm Break  
    3:15-3:35pm Working within an ACO Zoher Ghogawala, MD
    3:35-3:50pm Development of alternative practice plans Chris Kubycheck, Department Administrator -Northwestern
    3:50-4:10pm CEO Perspective on Neuroscience Center Development in a Changing Health Care Landscape Paul Viviano, MPH, Vice Chancellor and CEO of UCSD Health System
    4:10-4:30pm System Integration and Neuroscience Center Development-the Swedish Experience Marc R. Mayberg, MD
    4:30-4:45pm The Neuroscience Center as a Platform for Medical Education in an Era of Physician Quality Reporting: Challenges and Opportunities Alexander A. Khalessi, MD
    4:45-5:15pm Leadership on times of change Bill George, MBA, Professor of Management Practice, Harvard Business School

    Tuesday, May 20, 2014

    Session 5 — Tuesday Morning – Updates in Neurosurgery Education
    Moderator: Sander Connolly

    7:30-7:40am Match Committee Daniel L. Barrow, MD
    7:40-7:50am RUNN Update Allan H. Friedman, MD and Robert M. Friedlander, MD, MA
    7:50-8:20am Washington Committee: My View on the Way Forward John A. Wilson, MD
    8:20-8:30am ABNS Update Fredric B. Meyer, MD
    8:30-8:40am CAST Update Arthur L. Day, MD
    8:40-8:50am Endovascular Training Adnan H. Siddiqui, MD, PhD
    8:50-9:00am Neurocritical Care Training Robert E. Harbaugh, MD
    9:00-10:00am Streamlining Organized Neurosurgery Ralph G. Dacey, Jr., MD

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