• CNS Fellows

    Brian Walcott

    Christopher C. Getch Fellowship

    Dr. Brian Walcott is a chief resident in neurological surgery at the Massachusetts General Hospital – Harvard Medical School. Beyond patient care, he has developed models for brain vascular malformations in zebrafish during a two year post-doctoral fellowship under the mentorship of Dr. Randall Peterson (Harvard Medical School – Broad Institute). Using high-throughput screening, he has identified small molecules and antibodies that target the molecular pathways of AVM development. As an early career clinician-scientist, Dr. Walcott hopes to treat patients with neurovascular disorders with surgical expertise that is complemented by an unwavering drive to understand their underlying genetic & molecular pathophysiology. Following completion of residency, he will pursue a fellowship in vascular neurosurgery under the mentorship of Dr. Michael Lawton.

    CNS/CSNS Medical Student Fellow

    Tyler Cole

    CNS/CSNS Medical Student Summer Fellowship in Socioeconomic Research

    Tyler Cole Tyler Cole is currently a third year medical student at Stanford University. His research focus in medical school has been applying informatics and data mining techniques to large datasets to learn more about human disease and the health care system. He enjoys discovering hidden trends, building risk models, guiding data-driven decision-making, and carrying out comparative effectiveness studies. His previous projects in neurosurgery have focused on spinal surgery outcomes in relation to use of biologics, operative experience of surgeons, intraoperative neuromonitoring, and risk factors for spinal infections. His proposed research targets socioeconomic and provider characteristics that affect spinal surgery outcomes and insurance status after surgery. These will have both clinical and policy significance regarding patient risk stratification, patient safety outcomes, and the financial impact of spine surgery.

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