• Authors: Theodore, Nicholas; Hadley, Mark N; Aarabi, Bizhan; Dhall, Sanjay S; Gelb, Daniel E.; Hurlbert, R. John; Rozzelle, Curtis J.; Ryken, Timothy C.; Walters, Beverly C.

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    The original publication of guidelines dealing with the care of acutely injured cervical spine and spinal cord patients occurred within a few years of organized neurosurgery embracing the concept of producing evidence-based recommendations.1 Much has been learned as a result of the careful critical evaluation of the medical literature pertaining to neurosurgical patients, and the methodology used in formulating practice parameters (or recommendations) has undergone further change and development. The methodology used in this iteration of these recommendations is a product of contributions from many sources, including multiple guidelines produced by neurosurgery and other specialty organizations.

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